Is the golden age of voice-over gone? Will things get better or worse in this digital era? That's the fundamental question every individual asks, from the economy to the voice-over industry to a change in the digital economy. Hence, we are here to solve all your queries besides the voice industry in this digital era.

Are you looking for a voice recording studio in Delhi, India? Voice recording studio Delhi offers you high- quality audio recording, music production, jingles, virtual gigs, and many more things in one place. Our professional team of voice over artist in Delhi is well-specialized in their field and powered by prominent brands such as UAD, LANEY, and MANLEY to ensure the best quality of all your works. With more than a wide range of collections of several microphones routed through the state of art preamps, there is absolutely nothing we can't capture in the highest quality.




Our main goal is to achieve the sound of your dreams and take your music production to the next level with our high expertise arrangement, mixing, and mastering services.

Our primary focus is on unleashing individual creativity and showcasing talent to the public for their upcoming opportunities in the future. Our professional experts cover all activities ranging from music composition, voice-over production, sound design, and audio direction.

We accept projects that expect a little extra effort to present the audio perfectly, as our voice-over artists in Delhi are well-specialized in recording services with more than years of experience. We make creative and entertaining audio advertisements under the supervision of your company and present a unique way of reaching the target audience without ripping your wallet.

Just like websites and social media platforms are required to delight clients, voice over studio is a next-level way of leaving a lasting impression on listeners. A voice over makes it easy to create a space inside the minds of audiences, which in turn is great to promote the brand. For a compelling voice over, a professional voice recording studio is the first need.

The voice-over recording depends on our client's choice; our client decides the voice; otherwise, it depends upon our artist's choice. We merge technology with the creative ideas of our team of professionals and offer excellent services 24*7.


Voice over studios bridge the gap between businesses and consumers by creating appropriate voices for corporate and brand videos. Since listening is easier to memorize than reading words, voice over never fails to convey the relevant message and at times, leads to the desired results. Owing to such reasons, to maximize the best from videos, companies often opt for this service.

Excess of anything makes it difficult to find the gem among the stones. This is true for voice recording studios too as a number of them have covered the online and offline market. Big companies and start-ups are depending on such professionals likewise. For the best result and to reach maximum prospects, picking the best company is how things happen. After all, the expert the voice artist, the better chances of representing the business and connecting with audiences through an impactful voice.

Now comes the most important part. From where to find the best female voice over artist? No doubt, the best and only option is the hiring services provider who excels in providing voice over solutions.

Our Major Expert Areas

Voice Overs

We are a renowned dubbing and voice over studio that delivers the required project in the minimum time without compromising with the quality.

Video Animation

No matter the need is restricted to voice over or extends to other areas like video animation or production, we meet such needs too. Creativity and innovation are a part of every video animation provided by us.

Scriptwriting & Translation

Writing creative scripts comes naturally to our experts. Upon understanding the project carefully, we create a compelling script that works like magic. Be it any language, we can create and translate scripts in all.

Video Ads Shoot

Want to get your promotional shoot covered for advertising or marketing needs? Look no further and hire us right away. From the beginning until the end, we will take the responsibility of everything and outperform it.


What's a voice over?
A voice-over is a common technique extensively used in various forms of media in which a voice by a professional voice actor or actress is recorded in a closed environment, usually a studio, and merged with a separate audio-visual project to make it more contextual and impactful and to make the message delivery and storytelling easier or to provide a commentary over the project. Voice overs are commonly used in documentaries, commercials, animated films, video games, audiobooks, and other media.
Can you help us with the script?
Most certainly, we believe in helping our clients to the T. We offer scriptwriting, cover design, audio post-production, and other creative services in addition to voice-over services. Additionally, all projects are completely managed and don't require freelancer collaboration. Scriptwriting, voiceover, and post-production are all included in the price of our audio advertisement. Contact us if you're seeking alternative formats; we'll be pleased to assist.
I have my script on a Word doc file; how do I send it to you?
It's effortless to send us your script. Please fill out the form effortlessly and then drag and drop your script or copy and paste the script in the given tab that follows the form; it supports multiple formats, including Doc files. We've simplified the project creation process to take just two minutes and a few clicks.
What is your voice-over policy on retake and revision?
We send the finished recording to the client for review and approval. We make any modifications that are necessary during that session right away and without adding any further costs to the session. If there are any projects where we made a mistake or were not as per the client's specified standards, we will correct them without charging you. Any changes requested by the client or agency that are needed after the original recording but are not in accordance with the client's initial brief will be recognized as additional work and billed at our standard rates.
What is the audio file you send back?
We deliver our voice-over services in .wav 44.1kHz / 16 bits and mp3 at 44.1kHz / 16 bits / 160Kbps by default for our voice-over services. We also provide in .wav / 8kHz / 8 bits for automated phone messages. We can also provide higher-quality variants upon request but would be subjected to additional charges. Include any special instructions for your voice recording in your project form or contact our support staff for any assistance or any questions, and we will be happy to help.
How many revisions are included in the price?
We want your project to be appreciated by you and others. Unlimited revisions are included in the price you pay for our voice-over services for the first 15 days after you get the work and up to 7 days after you approve it. Revisions are entirely free as long as they follow your initial project brief, but if they don't, the work will be billed according to actuals.
How much your voice-over do services cost?
There isn't a set structure for voice-over rates. Every voice-over production is unique. Thus, we often offer individual prices based on the project's scope and the client's requirements. Our starting basic charge is 10,000. Please be aware that studio costs are in addition to my fees. Unlimited modifications are included in the price before the project is approved, and complete buyback rights are also included, allowing you to use your voice-over in any media forever!
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